Haina Power Measuring Instruments Co.,Ltd founded in 2001, is a Hi-tech enterprise focused on researching and developing electric energy measuring instruments, as well as manufacturing and marketing. The company’s shares are traded on Tianjin Equity Exchange, code 000051. The comprehensive office site covers 2800 square meters. 70% of our 90 staff members have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
Our products are comprised of 4 types, 10 series and over 30 kinds, including Power Transformer Calibrator, Power Meter Calibrator, and Power Transformer Auto...[more]

  • ADD:No.5,Jinghe Street,Qinhuangdao ETDZ,Hebei

  • TEL:0335-8579331/332/333/222/318

  • FAX:0335-5318901/2

  • E-mail:[email protected]

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